​I've always pondered our existence in the digital world. In text like this, or a basic photo, it is 2D. Two dimensions. Length and width. 1 and 0. When an artist makes a 3D render, though there exist specific points within the render, (assigned x,y,z coordinates, allowing users to explore it as though they were in a 3D building), the data is stored in 1s and 0s. It is often viewed on a screen, not projected into 3D with holograms or 3D printers. Arguably, when speaking in terms of its utter existence, it is 2D, yet something leaves us recalling a familiar environment... the kind that is actually delivered from protons, neutrons, & electrons, by the way of light waves hitting your retinas directly.


The subtle intentional curve manipulation, bringing out hints of RGB, is an ode to how we have managed to make a 2-dimensional visual object to mimic protons, neutrons, & electrons, by copying the formula for a 3-unit building block, with different amounts of red, green, and blue display or ink. Kind of the way atoms have different amounts of each type of particle.


The splash of Gold pays homage to the sun's radiance, and the merging of divine masculine and feminine that allows for a full moon to occur. The intention behind the creation of this token in gold is to heal and unblock solar plexus energy. 


2020 was a turbulent year, but the evening this photo was taken wrapped up the past trip around the sun with a stunning capture. Though these very light waves hit my retinas directly, my eyes do not have the focal length that my equipment does, and so sometimes to have something delivered through the 1s and 0s allows you to get a bit closer to it.


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